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other three are the most talked about touching the ' s ass and dancing in the dark there on the terrace. somehow the conversation, the male member was in the biggest cock. I was in that part or the conversation up and saw the face of my wife ' s of their reaction. wasAvy things for them, but I realized I was fasinatd by the subject. Perhaps it had something to do with the fact that I'm small in that department to do. I was a little jealous of the reactions of Pattie ' s when Helen was talking about how great this or that, and how lubetube the issue of penis size has dscussion women on several occasions. Helen has continued to describe in detail the long, curved penis, one of the guys that some of them or at a later appeared that he was urinating in the woods on a barbecue and thought nobody was looking. Then Helen said: "My son has defeated all the " Pattie had a surprised look on his face and said : She does not 't think so. Helen lubetube quickly replied, " to see for yourself. ' Porter, at some point, lying on the carpet degrees in the back, arms over his head. Pattie was sitting at his side. She smiled and grabbed pretend I was about to unzip his pants. really put his hand on her waist, and told her lubetube his name to carry it out, ' Poorrterr ? "I was waiting with a rapid movement away from the hand to respond, but he was there smiling. I tensed with anticiption, where are going. Pattie called Helen. ' Go ahead, I dare you! " Helen jumped up saying, " it is better to turn a few lights, if someone goes out the window! " She moved around the room reflect more the lights off and the dimmer light from the ceiling. The room suddenly all the shadows with light facial fFeatures enough tosee each other. Pattie had enogh time to grow into the idea of ​​unzipping pants Porter ' s cold. Suddenly you realize how far things had gone. Helen is invited to "Hey, I've done the work to reject RIGHTS 're chicken?" Pattie can 't are lubetube called chicken or dare not be one. She looked at me and smiled and took my smile. Suddenly, she was a woman with a mission. She changed her position, in which Porter literally sit in the leg 's. He bentto light, to see how to open a belt buckle. I looked to use their sticky hands on your ass in the air. He pretended to try to be AOUT mumbles them, their environmental goods and services flatttening knees. His hands grabbed her ass cheeks and hugged her. Helen leaned on me and whispred, "which should be fun " and patted her leg. You hand n leg kepther mind. It felt good. I could feel the heat of
Quotes b>lubetube the hand through my pants against my thigh as she is. I was pressed firmly frozen. Fear that if I was going to happen maybe your hand. Now I had a hard hit. My wife sat on a man who was now up to the point that the bulge in my pants i between her thighs when her dress revealed had crept into the top of the legs as he slid over their legs to relieve hijm in movement and closer to their work. I leaned over and whispered to Helen : "Shit, I will" Then I have a surprise of my life ot th.. Helen turned her head and kissed me ! While sliding the hand above mand my leg swollen and squeezed his ock. I saw a rainbow ! He made me whispered º " Will you do the same with you ? " I was not prepared for it. I was afraid that my wife would not continue the conquest and she looks up to see Helen grabbed my cock. I wanted everything to happen. I remember when lubetube I was so sexually charged. I took Helen hand ' s, as his fingers probed for my zipper and said, "Wait, wait a minute and lets see what happens, ok " Yeah my cock through my pants and pulled agan relaxed against me. Porter had his eyes closed. lubetube He was there was my wife ass ' s round as she laughed and worked in the open now fly away. The moment of truth. I strained to see in the dark, Patti ' s hand to break into the depths of Porter ' s clothing ndsearch. "My God " She opened her mouth. "My God ! " Porter lifted her hips and uses his hands in his pants continues to press down. I only saw for a moment, a apendageFlop that his long and thick for a good eight inches. My wife had their hands away from him and sat looking at his thigh taken literally put the meat between the legs. Helen 's voice from the darkness, " tap tap, and it's getting bigger. " My wife moved obiedenly, lend a hand, palm down on the object in his lap. in doing so, she was no longer braceing of his right side. Porter sent attracted them to him and turned him over carefully. When Porter returned to the skirt slid easily erback rest of your hips. I saw a flash of her white panties Oude between her legs, her hand between them setted. "No Porter. " She said. lubetube He whispered very convincing. I watched as his hands worked to lubetube pull her panties to one side and then my vision was Helen's placement in the mouth and pushed my hand down block in the center of his crotch. to remove your clothes and kissed Helen made ​​betwe busys us, when I heard the unmistakable characteristics of my wife Pattie directly below the cock in her pussy. I totally hand finished Helen 's.


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My wife and I went one night with another couple we've seen very often socially acceptable. I was the man for many years, even before my marriage known and only recently have renewed or Frendship. My wife is a very sexy, even if they try to be. She is a very delicate type. She is totally innocent in their intentions when the anthers guys leg or arm when he played in lubetube the conversation, but these guys take it seriously. I knew my friend interested in dancing that because of previous incidents, very sexy and had long kisses. You know, enought to pull the eyebrows, but nobody could really identify. was only two years, this lubetube event has occurred in the time lubetube of marriage. I was a little woman aboutmy jealous and always warned about his behavior at parties and such, where the boys were affected. She always laughed at my suggestion lubetube that some of the guys want to date her. I lubetube don 't remember when I thought that the conversations we hadon this subject have been sexually, but began to pursue subjct more often. I'm on the plane in which whisperng ear that maybe someone else when I was fucking her between her legs was. That initially reacted with surprise, that I propose something and then has settled into the role play, which became an integral part of our strength sex. At some point they decided I could make a little fun experimening. I noticed that his contact was making a joke and she approached the boys, like flies, which are at parties. I should mention that Pattie could not keep their alcohol consumption. He drank of the things that women like thathve ALCHOLE too little flavor. Others in the group realized that they could soon peak lapel ' s wth a little more each time you drink alcohol, and the truth is to start putting ona show their good-natured teasing and actions. Even some of the girls in the group enjoyed their antics. was after one of these lubetube partiest our friends house that had both of us drank too much and decided to stay, as is the case quite often. This evening and the other couple we ran into the cave for a drink after the group had gone. somehow Porter ' s wife, Helen, and I ended up landing on the couch and Porter, and my wife sitting on the carpet. all had drinks and bnter many interacton between the party and guests. The conversation seemed to have sex and sexual jokes THT Wenton the focus among the guests. I realized that our hosts, in particular, Helen keeps the conversation on the topic of sex. I drowsey with brandy and wine from time to time, but left the